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Crete on the Road: the Best Driving Tours around West and Central Crete by Frankie Miles. Frankie is from Villas Crete Holidays and she is very knowledgable about this part of the island.

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For those guests who do not want to rent a car but who would still like to see some of Crete’s superb countryside and archaeological sites, a guided excursion is the perfect solution. Even for those of you who have cars an occasional excursion can be a relaxing alternative, particularly for the driver who is usually too busy concentrating on the winding Cretan roads to see any of the wonderful scenery! Some of our excursions also offer the opportunity to see places that are only accessible by either boat, ferry, or on foot. We at Villas Crete Holidays only work with licensed guides who are very knowledgeable and will therefore enhance your experience. We only use luxury coaches which are fully air-conditioned, and many of which have a toilet. We offer a choice of coach excursions and  boat trips and whilst full details and tickets are available from our Villas Crete Holidays representative in resort,  the following descriptions should whet your appetite.

This is a day trip to Elafonissi Beach and Island that takes you on one of my favourite drives on Crete. You will see many different terrains as you head west towards Kastelli-Kissamos and then turn south to head down to the south west corner of the island and the incredibly beautiful beach at Elafonissi.There is stunning scenery along the route which takes you through the hills, passing along the top of the Topolia Gorge.

This delightful excursion takes you by coach to the port of Kissamos-Kastelli where you board a boat which takes about 1 hour to cross the bay of Kissamos, passing the ancient shipyards of Tarsanas, to the incomparable Balos Lagoon. (All other trips to Gramvousa go to Balos in the afternoon, we go in the morning in order to avoid the crowds).

A day of discovery to the “Knossos Palace” and the 4000 year old relics of a Minoan civilization redeemed almost to its former glory. You will be fascinated by the myths and legends from the era that gave us plumbing and air - conditioning long before, civilization as we know it, was even thought of.

Walking the Samaria Gorge is an incredible experience but one that should be considered carefully. It generally takes between 4 – 6 hours to walk the gorge. It should not be attempted by anyone with back or knee problems, or anyone who is generally very unfit. If you get into the trouble in the gorge, the only way out is on the back of a donkey with a large red cross on its side! Having said that, I have had active elderly people manage the walk with ease, and teenagers who have made very hard work of the gorge.

Black, sand, white sun bleached buildings and deep blue seas are the colours that confront you as your cruise ship approaches Santorini. No other island has the unique wild beauty of this volcanic island and no photos or descriptions can prepare you for the magnificent scenes that you will encounter on Santorini.

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