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Crete on the Road: the Best Driving Tours around West and Central Crete by Frankie Miles. Frankie is from Villas Crete Holidays and she is very knowledgable about this part of the island.

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Walking & Exploration

Peace Farm was founded in 2012 by artists Brent Scheneman and Eliza Monet. The project explores ways to help foster a culture of world peace working from a traditional Greek farm setting. Its aims are to examine and to model ideas that create conditions conducive for the life of all existing natural systems as well as for the gardens, livestock and participants.

Walking the Samaria Gorge is an incredible experience but one that should be considered carefully. It generally takes between 4 – 6 hours to walk the gorge. It should not be attempted by anyone with back or knee problems, or anyone who is generally very unfit. If you get into the trouble in the gorge, the only way out is on the back of a donkey with a large red cross on its side!

The temperate, subtropical climate of Crete allows many tropical and subtropical plants to grow. More particularly, the relief and the microclimate of the area around the Botanical Park of Crete, located 15 km outside the city of Hania at the feet of the White Mountains, render it into a virtual paradise for thousands of plants and animals. Fruit trees from all over the world producing edible fruit, herbs, pharmaceutical and ornamental plants, all scattered around an area with a surface of two hundred square kilometers await you to discover them. This is a fantastic place to go for a trek and then enjoy a delicious meal at the excellent taverna located in the park itself.

Walking is one of the best ways to explore the island because it allows you to stray away from the resorts and cities in order to participate in Crete’s dynamic history and natural beauty and at the same time to experience true Cretan hospitality.

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